When should I replace my shoes ?

I sometimes find in my shoe shop that a customer comes and asks for the same shoe they are wearing. The reason is simple. They have worn it for a long time, years, and they like it. Comfort is the overwhelming reason why they have had it for so long.

Styles come and go, as do some companies and many times it has been so long that I cannot obtain that particular shoe for them. I’d like to help, even though at the back of my mind I know once they find a shoe they like I won’t see them for another 20 years. A happy customer however and it’s a smile on my face.

People change shoes mostly because of wear and style. Shoes by nature are manmade and held together with glue and contain air bubbles. The comfort provided in the shoe dissipates even as it sits in the warehouse. Glue dries out, and bubbles slowly (very slowly) dissipate. As you wear the shoe, it is reducing its effectiveness and it’s time to change when it is

  1. Flat
  2. Uncomfortable
  3. Torn
  4. Dirty
  5. Not stylish
  6. …. Few other reasons

You find that a man keeps his shoes far longer than a woman. I for one, have had mine for nearly two years and only just thinking of changing because I found another I quite like. Otherwise, these would last a bit longer.

In general, the lifespan of a shoe is between 3-6 months. When thinking of it that way, I wouldn’t mind having a new pair of fresh comfortable shoes every 6 months at most.

Update my style, freshen me up and add comfort to my steps.

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